Some easy steps to protect your websites and emails from hackers

You might be aware that globally there have been increasing numbers of hacking incidents.Recently, lots of Nepali sites specially trekking websites are being hacked and some have even faced financial frauds.

We strongly recommend you to take these easy steps to be safe from unwanted damage on your website, brand and company itself.

What branding is NOT?

Everyone knows what is branding. Everyone can give examples of Nike, Adidas and Apple’s logos. And while we do agree with what they know about branding, we want to tell them a little bit what they DO NOT know about it.

5 quick online marketing tips for 2017

Here are some detailed tips for your website and online marketing. Email newsletter, content update, redesigning, social media management & blogging. Start giving some time to your website and social media now.

How to find a good web designer in Nepal

web designer nepal

Thinking to make a new website? Or, thinking to redesign your years old website? Thinking how to find a good designer? Having trouble to decide whether to go the same designer who made your last website or to find someone good in industry? Let me give you some tips on not only how to find…
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Don’t be the cheapest. Be the best.

My clients often ask about their pricing. Most of them want to compete the competitors on price. I tell them “ Don’t be the cheapest, try to be the best around.” Instead of competing on price, compete on value. The main question is how long term you want to think?  If you offer cheap packages, you…
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